Youth CON Advisor Information

Thank you for volunteering your time to be a youth advisor at The Mountain’s Youth CONferences. You’re the ones that make participation in the CONs possible! This page contains important information regarding The Mountain’s Youth CONferences and your role in the success of the weekend.

Supervision and Ratio

As the advisor of your group, you provide the direct supervision and responsibility of your youth group. It is necessary for there to be enough advisors from each congregation for youth to feel comfortable and safe during their stay at The Mountain. To maintain this safe community, it is required that there is one advisor to supervise no more than four youth.

Since boys and girls are placed in different cabins it is important that you look at the ratio of boys to girls you have in your group. You must have the number of male / female advisors reflect the needs of your group (i.e. for every four males there will need to be 1 male advisor). Your youth must be in a cabin with an advisor from your congregation. Always check with the Program Director at The Mountain if you are unsure about the required number of advisors. Please do not bring youth who are not going to be a part of the CON.


The first meal of the CON is Saturday breakfast and the last meal served is Sunday breakfast. Dinner is not served on Friday night so please plan accordingly.


Each of our cabins holds approximately eight youth and two advisors. This means, participants from other congregations may be added to your cabin to fill each cabin.

Mountain Standards for Advisors


Throughout the weekend, you are offered the exciting opportunity to experience everything that the youth do – morning circle, workshops, focus groups, meals, evening programs, worship, etc. Be an inspiration and motivation for your youth – if they see you participating they will want to. CONs are not a spectator event – so get involved and have fun!!!


From the moment you arrive at The Mountain Friday night until you leave Sunday morning you and your other congregational advisors are the primary supervisors for your youth. Mountain CON Staff should be consulted when one of the Big 4 rules has or potentially has been broken, a safety issue has arisen, etc — otherwise the youth are your responsibility. Be aware of where your youth are at all times. Elementary and Junior High youth are to be with you at ALL TIMES while Senior High youth can be in Groups of Three with indirect supervision around the TOP of The Mountain. Please respect quiet hours, which are at 10:00pm, so if an evening program ends after that time it is very important to walk back quietly to the cabins.

Boundaries and Your Safety

To protect yourself and the youth please be accompanied with another adult when there is only one youth in a room. Be aware of physical boundaries. Please do not touch beneath the tank top and shorts areas. Also never touch a youth against their will or discomfort level unless in the case of clear and present danger. Ask other advisors, CON Staff, or youth to be a “buddy” if you need to go somewhere with one of the youth.

Role Model

As a role model and a representative of The Mountain and your congregation, please remember that your behaviors may influence the youth significantly in a positive or negative way.

Again, thank you for volunteering your time to be a youth advisor at The Mountains Youth CONferences.