Your Donations At Work

Thanks to the funds provided by several of our generous donors in 2016, several projects are underway, with materials purchased and the work begun….

Sally’s Deck Renovation

Sally’s Deck has been renovated with long-lasting composite materials–our guests will love to look out over Blue Valley and hangout on our new deck next spring and summer!

  • Hard Work of Re-building Deck
  • Deck Walkway Under Construction
  • New Walkway Decking
  • Welcome to the Restored Deck
  • New Decking Material Installed
  • Sally would be happy!

New Lodge Windows, Dining Hall Floor, New Dining Hall Chairs 

The replacement windows have been installed in the Lodge Great Room. The floor in the Dining Hall has been refinished. And….the old Dining Hall plastic chairs have been replaced with new wood chairs that better reflect the atmosphere of The Mountain.

  • New Great Room Windows in the Lodge
  • New Great Room Windows in the Lodge
  • Refinished Dining Hall Floor
  • Old Plastic Dining Hall Chairs
  • New Wood Dining Hall Chairs

New Mattresses for Lodge 

Thanks to The Mountain Endowment Fund and others donors, we have purchased new mattresses for all the Lodge sleeping rooms. Our Lodge guests will relax in comfort from this point forward!

IMG_2930 Room at the Lodge-min