The Mountain’s Nominating Committee Self-Nomination Form

The Mountain is moving to competitive elections in 2019 for Nominating Committee.

At least 7 nominees will be on the ballot. The committee will be comprised of the 5 people who receive the most votes. Those who are elected will work out who will serve 1, 2, or 3-year terms, setting up staggered terms.

DEADLINE is December 1, 2018 for this form to be submitted to


Name  __________________________________________ Date___________________


Email address  __________________________________ Phone__________________


Mailing address  _____________________________________________________________


Member of The Mountain?  _____(yes) _____(no)


In what ways have you been involved with The Mountain?


Where and how have you been involved in Unitarian Universalist congregations?


Why would you like to serve on The Mountain’s Nominating Committee?


Send completed form to:  Tandy Scheffler,

Thank you from all of us associated with The Mountain.11/3/18

A Mountain Nominating Committee member will contact you by Dec. 15th.