Stable to Classroom Conversion Project

We have a Matching Challenge for you!

Imagine this rather rundown stable at the base converted to a dynamic, well-equipped classroom space, with a projector and screen, microscopes, plenty of dry storage for herbs and supplies, room for the mushroom lab, and an office for our farm managers and apprentices. What an exciting development this could be, to provide an enhanced “Living Learning Laboratory” environment for our campers, guests and local school children who come each year to our Many Hands Peace Farm.

This is the vision for this facilities renovation project, and very much in keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability and goals for expanding our farm education programs for all ages. We imagine a flexible space, with room for tables and chairs, or open floor space, appropriate to the age groups and activities planned.

We will need approximately $15,000 to complete the basic renovation–floors, doors, windows, ceiling, lighting, walls, trim, paint, electrical and heat sources–that is, with skilled volunteer labor to do most of the work and offset the cost. Additional funding of up to $10,000 will be needed to fully customize and outfit the space with the necessary technology, furnishings, and equipment. It will take at least $25,000 to realize this vision and you can help.

We can double your donation, up to a total of $10,000! 

Thanks to two generous donors who share this vision of converting the stable to a classroom, we have received $10,000 in funding to use in a matching challenge, to raise at least $20,000 to launch this project later this fall. To supplement the donor funding, we will be applying for several grants that are specifically for environmental stewardship, sustainable farming, and herbal education. If you know of any such grant funding organizations, please contact our Development Director.

If you believe in the potential of our Many Hands Peace Farm and want to support this Stable to Classroom Conversion project we are calling the “Living Learning Laboratory”…