Spring 2019 Staff Highlights

Mountain Staff Updates

Introducing Our New Farm Apprentice!
Hi there! My name is Makenzie Allen, a Senior at Toccoa Falls College. I really look forward to the next couple months at The Mountain and to learning more about marketing and sustainable farming. Growing up with outdoor-loving parents, I followed in their footsteps and hope to one day manage a small sustainable farm. One of my favorite things about being outside is acknowledging the intricate design and detail of plants, animals, and ecosystems. By apprenticing at The Mountain and Many Hands Peace Farm, I am able to grow and learn more about these things I love.
Farewell and Thank You to Alyssa
Alyssa Fuller came to work at The Mountain as our Administrative Assistant for Development and Finance two years ago. She handled our donation processing and database, and collaborated in the record-keeping between our Development and Finance offices. Alyssa brought other talents as well, sharing her training and enthusiasm as an Entomologist with our guests and campers. Alyssa and husband Allen will be relocating to New Jersey in early April. Farewell and Thank you, Alyssa!
Welcome Back, Tanner!

We are pleased to announce that our former Farm Apprentice and volunteer graphic designer, Tanner Csonka, has rejoined the staff as our new part-time Communication & Marketing Assistant.

Tanner’s message:

“Greetings to all, I am grateful and fortunate to be continuing on this journey with The Mountain as the Communications and Marketing Assistant. In this role I hope to extend and amplify The Mountains mission and values, which focus on creating enriching lives and communities. I aim to communicate the daily stories, interactions, and ideas that make The Mountain such a loved space to you, even if you are far away.  The Mountain is open to all, and is made up of your love and effort, of which I want to be a part and see it grow. 

To tell a bit about where I am coming from, I graduated from Shawnee State in Ohio, my home state, with a degree in visual design, while helping tend a dear friend’s biodynamic backyard garden. Following a few disillusioning years of working on props and animatronics, substitute teaching, and zip lining, I wanted to travel and renew my interest in connecting with the plants and minerals that sustain us.  I found the Many Hands Peace Farm’s apprenticeship program at The Mountain, fell in love and couldn’t leave. I enjoyed working with the Farm co-managers Ben and Joey to create a visual identity for the farm, and good harvest to fill our bellies. During my years at The Mountain, I worked part-time as a freelance designer with businesses of Highlands and The Mountain to extend the reach to the people these institutions touch. In doing so, this opportunity was presented, to share more of what goes on here, and get you involved as an important part of this community! I look forward to sharing Our Mountain with you. Stay tuned, and thank you. 

Julia Jamieson Featured in the “Totality” Documentary Video

Our own Julia Jamieson was featured in a short documentary video entitled “Totality,” about the path of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse over Rabun County, GA. It was two Los Angeles photographers, Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, who came to The Mountain film a segment in which Julia walked the Labyrinth, participated in a meditation ceremony, and is pictured on Meditation Rock.

Click this link to view the Totality video….

We Appreciate Our Mountain Volunteers