Spirit of The Mountain Auction Donation Form

All proceeds benefit The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center’s Annual Fund.

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Donation Information (please include brief descriptions for each donation of a 1) themed gift basket/items*, 2) vacation property rental or hosted B&B get-away, including photographs and specific time frames, instructions, or conditions for the bidders to be aware of in advance.


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*For Gift Basket items, please bring an assembled basket or donated item(s) to be assembled to The Mountain in advance of the silent auction, no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 21st. Items that do not meet their minimum bid or not bid upon may be reclaimed by the donor or donated to The Mountain to be used at the staff’s discretion.

To Submit Donations or more information, contact Laurel Amabile, Development Director, development@themountainrlc.org or 828-526-5838 ext. 254                                                            THANK YOU for your generosity!