General Information

Parent/Guardian Stay-over

If space is available, parents/guardians are welcome to stay over at The Mountain on drop-off or pick-up weekends. Please Contact Us and select Guest Service in the Drop Down box to determine if there is space for the night you wish to stay. We can accommodate your requests better when you pre-register.

Food Parcel

Food parcels are highly discouraged to allow for more consistent monitoring of campers with special diets and to control sweets. Also, food in the cabins attracts unwanted “critters”.


ASCENDERs & CITs (extended-stay campers) will have access to limited laundry facilities on- site. For one and two week camps, laundry facilities are not provided- please plan to pack for the duration of your stay.

Mail (Snail Mail)

Letters from home are a high point of the camp experience. Sending several letters during a camp session says loud and clear, “I love you, I miss you, and everything is fine at home.” Remember, it takes 3-4 days for mail to reach this part of the world, so plan for your letters to arrive before the end of camp.

Note: We suggest that you use the following services for packages – FED EX, DHL and UPS – they deliver directly to The Mountain. PLEASE WRITE!

Postal Service Address: Camper Name, MountainCamp – Cabin #, P.O. Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741

FedEx, DHL, and UPS: Camper Name, MountainCamp – Cabin #, 3872 Dillard Road, Highlands, NC 28741

If you want your camper to write letters back to you, make sure to provide them with envelopes and stamps (preferably pre-addressed) so that they may reply to any mail or packages you send. Mail also takes 3-4 days to travel from The Mountain to the rest of the world, however.


While campers won’t have access to computers or the internet during their time at MountainCamp, MountainCamp staff will be more than happy to print off e-mails sent from camper parents & guardians, and deliver them to a camper’s cabin mailbox.

E-mails should contain a camper’s name & cabin number in the subject line, and may be addressed to:

Telephone Calls

We ask that campers do not make phone calls, so that their focus remains here at camp. We encourage parents and children to experience this time apart from each other and to hone those letter- writing skills. We will notify you of any problems and/or concerns immediately.


See our Contact Us page for information to contact us for emergencies.