Nathalie Bigord, our new Mountain Board Chair

Thank you for the warm welcome and well wishes I received during the Homecoming and the Annual meeting last month. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat with many of you have such a rich history with the Mountain.

It is with great pleasure that I begin my tenure as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Mountain. Over the past few years, I have served on the Board and worked closely with a wonderful team of dedicated champions for the Mountain. During those years I have looked forward to each and every visit to the Mountain, being able to enjoy the place that has brought such peace, fond memories and great friendships to so many.

As Chair, I will work with the other Trustees and staff to ensure the success of the programs offered and the growth of the Mountain.

During my transitional year from Trustee to Chair, I had to opportunity to be mentored by Linda Sterner, who is stepping down after many years of dedicated service to the Board and the Mountain. Linda’s passion and love for the Mountain run very deep. I look forward to having her impart her wisdom, learn from her experiences and hear about all the things she has witnessed that have made the Mountain the place that is today. I hope to be able to carry on with that same level of passion as we work towards making the Mountain a place where future generations can create new memories and form new friendships.

I hope to make you and The Mountain proud.


Click HERE to learn more about Nathalie, The Mountain Board, and our governance structure.