MountainCamp Staff 2018

Again this year, we have a fantastic and skilled staff working with Program Director, Megan Quattlebaum, to run our summer MountainCamps.
Sam Dobmeyer, and Brennan Cain-Nuccio serve as Associate Directors. Charles Sterner and Keara Hudley are the ASCENDER Mentors, and Meg Engler and Aaron B are this year’s CIT Mentors. Nora Krall and Jess Williams are the Mentor Cabin Counselors. Tristan Emma Bigler does our camp Promotions, via photography, videos and social media.
Theresa Feiner, Health Coordinatorhave returned this year, with Rin Willocks working as Health Assistant.
Program leaders include: Chris Purcell, Arts & Crafts, Erin Finn, RE/SJ/SE, Luke Jobe, App Studies & Outdoor Education, Joe Adams, Aquatics & Athletics, Sydney Donohue, STEM, with Justin Perry as Excursions Director and Yuri Zarus as part of the Outdoor Adventure program.
The Cabin Counselors this year are: Christian George, Thomas Kizzar, Tye Rothberg, Kwaiden Duncan, Jake Maida, Owen Schriber, Ginevra Walker, Sadira Austin, Owen Kirk-Whitman, April Lane, Lauren Modic Doyle, Ivy Breivogal, Isobel Horak, Linlee Franklin, Miles Simpson, Sophia Gettings, Helen Abbott, Kira Young, Omie Coyme, Sterling Bigler.
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