Mountain Membership


The membership policy as approved by The Mountain Board of Trustees, September 25,2017:


The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center has been a membership organization from its very beginnings in 1979. The Mountain’s membership program has evolved and changed over the years, but members have been the heart of The Mountain community throughout. Mountain membership matters because: Membership in The Mountain means you care about this place enough to invest in its future: with your heart, your hands, and your funding.


The process of becoming an annual member should be a clear and intentional choice. Mountain supporters age 16 and older can become members at any point in the year. However, they must renew annually between annual meetings (by April 15th) to have a vote in that year’s annual election and/or business meeting in late May. While age is a factor in voting rights, we want to cultivate an interest in active membership on the part of children and youth as well.

Annual Membership contributions are by category:

Membership fees:

-$50 for individuals age 25+

-$20 for those ages 16 to 25

-$1+ voluntary contribution for Junior Members (non-voting memberships)

Household Membership: $85 for 2+ people 16 and older sharing a household, each receiving one vote

Institutional Membership (congregation or qualifying organization) will be extended to those contributing at least $150

Life Membership

  • New Life Memberships are not currently being issued, but all established Life Members maintain the right to vote in annual meetings and matters of business.
  • The list of Life Members will be reviewed annually and updated for the purposes of annual voting and terms of Life Memberships when issued.
  • Life Members would be exempt from the annual membership renewal fee, but will be encouraged to donate to the Annual Fund, special funding campaigns and Mountain Endowment.
  • Those individuals or institutions who have intentionally joined/renewed their membership since the previous annual meeting have the privilege of voting in the annual meeting in any given year. This would include voting in other meetings of the membership, any forum other than physical meeting, and other than Board meetings, as called by the Trustees.

Rights of membership include:

  • Voting privileges – one vote per individual member; one vote per institution.
    • The right to participate on the Board of Trustees, teams, and committees which help advance the work and mission of The Mountain.
    • Invitations to participate in membership meetings and other special gatherings.


Respectfully submitted by the Ad Hoc Membership Team:  Nathalie Bigord, convener, Dave Hudson, Linda Sterner, and Laurel Amabile, ex officio.