Message from our Executive Director

What a glorious time to be on top of Little Scaly. Elsewhere kids are getting ready for vacation and the dog days of summer are quickly approaching. But here, at the “Height of Happiness” the stars are all aligned and everything is the way it should be. The 39th summer of Mountain Camp began last weekend. What an exciting time! Our staff numbers are blooming like the Mountain Laurel. Thirty-nine counselors are here filling the days with song and energy.  Additional kitchen, support staff, and farm apprentices are busily preparing for the 260 campers we are expecting this summer.

I want to recognize one of our staff members who has departed, and welcome one new to our staff. First, I recognize Miriam Witzl, Finance Director, who left The Mountain staff at the end of May. I am not sure that Miriam realizes how important she has been to so many people here. She provided hope and guidance, listening and encouraging strength. Miriam modeled a passion to learn on a daily basis and never cease learning. With all our hearts and gratitude, we say, “Thank you, Miriam, and see you later!”

Now, to welcome Teresa Falzone, who now fills the role of Finance Director. Teresa returns to The Mountain after an 8-year absence. Teresa worked briefly here in early 2010 and fell in love with The Mountain, longing to someday return. Now the stars have aligned and Teresa gets the opportunity to once again apply her talents and passion to keep us moving forward. Welcome Teresa! We are happy you are here!

I am told that one reason,–if not the main reason–The Mountain was founded back in 1979 was to provide a safe place for UU kids to learn, grow, and love. The Mountain was envisioned to be a place for family, friends, and making new friends. Together finding fellowship, inner peace, and community. Now that we are moving into our 39th year and in the midst of the 39th MountainCamp, it is fair to say we are accomplishing the founder’s aspirations. Some say we are doing so better than ever.

I invite you come and visit, feel the energy, refresh your soul, or share a memory.  I also invite you to send me a favorite Mountain story, to donate, volunteer, to be part of this special place, and help keep us moving forward. After all, we are here for you and because of you.

Ted Wisniewski