Many Hands Peace Farm

It may be winter on the Many Hands Peace Farm, but there is progress being made in establishing the plantings for the new Food Forest and Mushroom Lab.


We now have over 200 trees, shrubs, and vines overwintering on our hillside nursery. We continuously add leaf mulch around the plants. The plants have so far successfully weathered zero degree temperatures and a couple of large snowfalls..



Along the furrows, we placed several burlap sacks full of wood chips and mushroom spawn. These bags are preventing erosion and helping us propagate Tiger Sawgill (Lentinus Tigrinus) and Turkeytail (Trametes Versicolor) mushrooms.



The meadow is currently filled with Goldenrod stalks and their galls. The larva inside of the galls have remarkable adaptations that allow them to survive freezing conditions. They also serve as food for Downy Woodpeckers and parasitic wasps. ​