Pictures of the Labyrinth

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Description of The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a quiet spiritual space tucked in a wooded area at the base of The Mountain.  Our labyrinth is a single unicursal path designed so you can become centered in a peaceful natural setting.  This secluded space is a perfect location for reflection, mediation or prayerful thought.

With an intentional effort to remain in harmony with our Mountain environment, the stones that line the Labyrinth path have been gathered from the woods that surround the Labyrinth. The posts of the walkway leading to the Labyrinth are natural Mountain timbers.

The Labyrinth is open to individuals for a personal moment of reflection and as a planned venue for retreat organizers.

The parking area near the Field at the base of The Mountain provides a convenient location for individuals or groups to park their vehicles before taking the short walk up The Mountain road to the Labyrinth’s entrance.

Also ask our Sales or Guest Services teams about arranging an evening Labyrinth walk.