It’s Time to Renew Your Annual Mountain Membership!

Membership in The Mountain means you care about this place enough to invest in its future: with your heart, your hands, and your funding.

The process of becoming an annual member should be a clear and intentional choice. Mountain supporters age 16 and older may become members at any point in the year. All members must renew annually between annual meetings (by April 15th) to have a vote in that year’s annual election and/or business meeting in late May. Junior membership is encouraged among those younger than age 16 as a step toward fuller membership participation over time.

Click HERE to go straight to the Giving page link to join or renew your Annual Membership online via our PayPal page.

Annual Membership contributions are by category:

Membership fees:

  • $50 for individuals age 25+
  • $20 for those ages 16 to 25
  • $1+ voluntary contribution for Junior Members (non-voting memberships)

Household Membership: $85 for 2+ people 16 and older sharing a household, each receiving one vote.

Make your membership work for you by watching for the Annual Meeting communications beginning in April–Board nominees and other matters of Mountain business. Also, plan to attend our 40th Annual Meeting during the 2019 Homecoming Weekend–registration is currently open.