Introducing Our New Farm Apprentice

Hey, I’m Rayne (pronounced like the form of weather). I hail from Tallahassee, Florida where I am currently working towards a degree in Environment & Sustainable Society with a minor in Hospitality. I hope to one day work in the ecotourism biz to help promote sustainable farming and protect endangered species and plants.

My passions include traveling, backpacking, the great outdoors, mountains, creativity, Wonder Woman, writing, reading, and the practice of tolerance. I grew up in the UU community, participating in everything from youth cons and social outreach projects to planning services and becoming an assistant RE classroom teacher.

I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity to learn from my summer experience at the Many Hands Peace Farm and to be able to give back to The Mountain!


Click on these links to learn more about the Many Hands Peace Farm and Farm Apprenticeship program.