Introducing Farm Camp 2019!

Our new Farm Camp 2019 is being designed as a week-long overnight camp program for youth ages 12 to 17 years. From June 16th-22nd, campers will stay in cabins and spend time each day learning about different aspects of sustainable farming and living in addition to traditional camp and outdoor activities. We are keenly aware that modern society and our reliance on technology and media keeps most young people at a distance from our food sources. There is a diminishing awareness of the importance of our region’s agricultural significance and history. We are eager to provide a fun farm experience to address this need.



Campers will learn where their food comes from and how to evaluate their relationships with food through enriching experiences of planting seeds, growing gourmet mushrooms with paper waste products, and enjoying a healthy harvest. To supplement their experience with farming produce, Campers will learn what is required to care for a lively coop of chickens, ducks, and the rafter of turkeys we anticipate raising next year.



Spending much time outside experiencing our natural surroundings on and offsite field trips, they will learn about wild plants, mushroom, and other wildlife indigenous to the Highlands area. Farm Campers will have opportunities to cook some of their own meals and learn about food preservation.



In addition to learning about farming as a lifestyle, campers will learn about the business side of community agriculture by participating in our local farmers markets. Music, nature crafts, and art activities will also be a part of the Farm Camp experience, in keeping with our MountainCamp design and culture. Kids love our Many Hands Peace Farm and our MountainCamps, so this is the perfect combination for our 40th year of summer camps!


Interested in Farm Camp?

Contact us at:      or      (828) 526-5838


This Farm Camp will be an extension of the new “Living Learning Laboratory” we will be creating at the base over the fall and winter months. This will involve the renovation of one of the stables and converting it into a wonderful, new classroom space for our guests, campers and visitors. Click HERE to watch the video describing part of the vision for the Living Learning Laboratory.



Many Thanks to Tanner Csonka for his videography talents, and to our Farm Co-Managers, Ben Galindo and Joey Kyle for bringing these concepts into being for The Mountain!