High and Low Ropes Courses

Pictures of the Ropes Course

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Description of Ropes Course

Located at the base of The Mountain, our Low and High Ropes Courses offer participants a unique opportunity for group and personal development through experiential education.

Initiatives and Low Ropes Course

Initiatives are designed to develop group cohesion and to teach leadership, teamwork, and collaborative problem solving skills. Each Initiative activity allows the group to work together as a team to reach a common goal. Each Initiative is followed by a debrief that allows participants to share observations and lessons learned and how to transfer them to their personal and professional lives.

Initiatives usually begin on The Field and then move to the Low Ropes Course, located in the woods just a short walk away from The Field.

High Ropes Course

Our High Ropes Course is approximately 30’ high with 4 elements that may be completed alone or with a partner.  The High Ropes Course is designed to help participants challenge themselves and overcome perceived risk. Our course is run by trained facilitators and is inspected yearly by Challenge Towers.

Please inquire with our Sales Team for availability and pricing.

The parking area near the Field at the base of The Mountain provides a convenient location for individuals or groups to park their vehicles before taking the short walk to the Low or High Ropes Course.