Family / Group Cabins (Cabins 1 – 4)

Pictures of The Family / Group Cabins

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Description of Family / Group Cabins

There are four Family / Group Cabins (Cabins 1 – 4) located on the road past the Lodge in the direction of the Amphitheater.   There are two bedrooms and a large central living area.  We have configured our central living area with two bunk beds, a table with chairs and/or couch.

One more thing – there are great Mountain vista views from the deck in front of each Family / Group Cabin.  These decks face east so you are greeted with rising sunshine each morning.

One bedroom has a private bath with a shower.  There is another shared bathroom with a shower adjacent to the central living area. There is plenty of storage area for your luggage as well as electric outlets so you can charge your phones, tablets or computers.

Our Family / Group Cabins are ideal for one or two families with children or groups that want to share their Mountain experience.

Each room has a separate thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature to your comfort level.

We ask only that you participate in our Environmental Sustainability efforts and turn down the thermostat when you leave the room to enjoy your program at The Mountain.

We provide all linens (sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels).  See our Retreat Suggested Packing List for details on our services and facilities.

Although we have a explicitly designed Handicapped Accessible Cabin, the Family / Group Cabins are accessed from the road.  Please note access from the road may include a gravel pathway to the deck ramp.  Please contact our Guest Services or our Sales and Marketing team to discuss accessibility concerns.

Floor Plan

Family Group Floor Plan with Dimensions

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  • Near the outdoor Amphitheater
  • Designed for families or groups that want to share their Mountain experience
  • Two bedrooms and a central living area
  • Each bedroom with two twin beds
  • Two bunk beds in central area
  • Table with chairs and/or couch in living area
  • One private bathroom with shower and one shared bathroom
  • In-room storage
  • Outlets to charge your electronic devices
  • Pine finished interior
  • Separate thermostat in each room
  • Deck with chairs and mountain vista views
  • Handicap accessible