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Religious Educators Week

July 7 - July 12

AM Program :

Choose either ‘Multicultural Renaissance Module’ with Claudia Jimenez and Erin Reid


Returning to the Wellspring’  facilitate by Laurel Amabile

Religious education leadership is rewarding work. And, challenging and demanding, as you often find yourself juggling too many tasks in too little time, and for too little money or recognition. Self-care can take a back seat. This can set up the equation for burnout.

Instead, it is important to take some deep breaths and center your thoughts on the value of what you are doing… What is my calling to the vocation of religious education leadership? How can I grow and flourish as a person and a professional?

Together we will find our way back to the wellspring–that sometimes elusive source of inspiration, energy, support, and creativity that first drew us to this vocation.


PM Program (attendance optional) :

‘Dismantling White Supremacy in Religious Education’ with Jess Hunt and Gail Forsyth-Vail


‘Getting to the Heart’ with Pam Siegler, Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville Music Director/ Certified Music Leader

Sometimes we spend so much time and effort dissecting the pieces of music, stories, art, etc. that we’re considering for worship to make sure we aren’t ‘misappropriating’ or ‘failing to consider’ or ‘selecting only what’s comfortable’ or ‘using only what’s tried and true’, that we over look the many subtle ways these things reach around all that mind clutter and speaks to our common heart.


  • Program: July 7 – 12, 2019
  • Registration opens: February 20, 2019
  • Registration deadline: June 23, 2019

Registration Fee

  • Registration Fee includes
    • Lodging
    • LREDA Program Fee
    • Meals dinner on arrival through lunch on departure
    • Use of assigned facilities
    • Participation in program activities
  • 6 Day / 5 Night Package
    • Adult LREDA participant: $675 per person, double occupancy
    • Adult non-participant: $475 per person, double occupancy
    • Teen  (age 12-17): $260 per person
    • Youth (age 8-11): $200 per person
    • Child (age 6-7): $200
    • Young Child (age 4-5):$100
    • Toddler (age 0-3): FREE
    • Care-giver (for Toddlers) : $160 per person, double occupancy
  • Youth, Children and Toddlers must be accompanied by a registered parent/guardian
  • Youth, Children and Toddlers are lodged with an accompanying registered parent/guardian

RE Week at The Mountain Children’s Program:

A-Little-Bit-of-Everything Summer Camp

When you think of summer camp, what comes to mind? Hikes, arts and crafts, singing camp songs, swimming in the lake? Yes to all of that! Campers age 4-17 at R.E.Week at the Mountain, July 7-12,  will sample well-loved traditions of summer camp, grounded in UU customs and values, and with a heavy dose of choice and freeform fun.

All Youth attending RE Week will have their own Mountain volunteer program, which runs from after Breakfast up to end of LREDA afternoon programming. Kids will re-join their parents at Lunch to check-in and share the excitement of all they’ve discovered during the morning. This program is led by Teresa Honey Youngblood, a credentialed religious educator, a hospital chaplain, and author of the book Spirited Homeschooling: Home-, Church-, and Community-based Learning in the Liberal Religious Family. She and her family live in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Ages 9-11? …OR…

ENROLL as a full participant in MOUNTAINCAMP. For the true MountainCamp experience we encourage enrollment in our one or two week sessions. Campers will be fully immersed in the sleep-away camp experience, being housed in MtnCamp cabins and spending the entire week in programmed activity. This year’s LREDA event overlaps with week one of Elementary MountainCamp. For the parents of enrolled MountainCampers camper parent stayovers are available for 7/12-13 after LREDA ends. ***THIS PROGRAM FILLS QUICKLY! REGISTER TODAY***


  • In our registration system, select Other Retreats then select your RE Week (LREDA) package
  • Each family member must be registered individually in our partner registration website
  • Use one username and password per family