Dining Hall

Pictures of The Dining Hall

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Description of The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is our common dining facility on The Mountain. The Dining Hall can seat approximately 100 people. There is additional overflow seating capacity in The Commons that can be accessed by hallways directly at the back of the Dining Hall. There is also a microphone/speaker system in the Dining Hall that allows organizers to announce program events while everyone is gathered at mealtime.The Dining Hall can also be used for meetings or simply a place to grab a cup of coffee and relax in fine conversation with others.Coffee/tea, milk, juice, microwave and toaster are available even when the Mountain staff is not serving a meal.  Fruit and bread products are usually available 24/7.

Floor Plan

Dining Hall Floor Plan with Dimensions

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  • Stand-alone building
  • Seating capacity: 100+
  • Area: 1,267 sqft (32′ x 42′) with alcove on left wall
  • Pre-configured with tables and chairs
  • Full access to microwave, toaster, juice and coffee/tea machines
  • Excellent location for specialty meals and large meetings
  • Configured with microphone and speaker system
  • Access to The Commons
  • Bathrooms are located in the hallway
  • Handicap accessible