Crafts Barn

Pictures of the Crafts Barn

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Description of the Crafts Barn

The Crafts Barn is our most “come as you are” meeting facilities. Located at the base of The Mountain, this rustic facility is used to store arts and crafts material that are used extensively by our MountainCamp program. With tables set up inside and outside the Crafts Barn, our campers enjoy activities such as leather working, beading  and other arts and crafts activities.

Since the Crafts Barn is adjacent to The Field, the Crafts Barn is a great place to hangout, listen to music and chat while taking a rest from the high energy running games played on The Field.

The Crafts Barn is also available to our retreat guests.

Finally, there is ample parking near Crafts Barn that allow retreat organizers to unload specific supplies that are required for their planned events.