Pictures of The Chapel

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Description of The Chapel

The Chapel is a warm and cozy meeting space located near the Fire Tower.  The highly polished wooden floor and ceiling give the Chapel a sense of being a protected and secluded environment.

The Chapel contains a podium, padded chairs (not shown in photo) and a side table that can be configured as required by your needs.  Twelve people can be very comfortably seated for a worship or vesper service.  Candles are provided.

The Chapel is an ideal location for a contemplative service for small groups or an isolated meeting location for group conversations or meetings.

Floor Plan

Rec Hall Floor Plan with Dimensions

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  • Stand-alone building near the Fire Tower
  • Seating capacity: 12
  • Area: 192 sqft (16′ x 12′)
  • Hardwood floor and ceiling – cozy, warm feel
  • Podium, side table and padded chairs can be configured as needed
  • Designed as a quiet contemplative location for meditation and reflection
  • Stocked with candles
  • Handicap accessible