Bylaws Changes Approved & Trustees Elected

The bylaws changes proposed by the Board were approved by voting members. The changes were primarily to align The Mountain’s bylaws with its current membership and election practices, and to clean up outdated language.
Click HERE to view The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center’s current bylaws as amended at this year’s Annual Meeting.
In addition, the slate of 2018 Board Trustee candidates set forth by the Nominating Committee was approved by the voting members. Welcome to our newly elected Mountain Board Trustees: Zoe Barnet (3-year term), Charles Lee (1-year term), Lee Reading (2-year term), and a hearty welcome back to Peter Kandis, who was re-elected for a 3-year term.  Click HERE to learn more about our Mountain Board of Trustees.
Click HERE to learn more about Mountain Governance, and its bylaws, policies, strategic plan, meetings and reports.
May 2018 Mountain Staff, Board Trustees & Mountain Endowment Board of Directors