Annual Meeting May 27, 2017


Meeting Minutes

Call to Order (Linda Sterner, Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

Chalice Lighting (Dave Hudson, Trustee)    Reading   (Gail Sphar, Trustee)

Introduction of 2016-17 Board Members (Linda Sterner)

Cathlean Utzig, Rob Marcy, Kathleen Anderson, Erin Thompson, Kit Hamblen, Chris Breivogel, Peter Kandis, Dave Hudson, Jay Kiskel, Rev Julie Kain, Gail Sphar, Nathalie Bigord

My Mountain Story (Russell Hunnewell, Facilities Director)

Gave testimonial of his 25-year history with The Mountain.  Has done mostly volunteering, brings friends here to volunteer.  Heals his soul.  Had a hard time imagining how he would tell guys that had been working with him that he was leaving, and it turns out they had been wondering how they would tell Russell they were ready to get out and work on their own.  Wants to keep working here a few more years and see how that works.

Report of Board Chair  (Linda Sterner)

Recapped highlights of new Strategic Plan

Board has set 6 goals and Ted reports on progress at quarterly meetings

3 Goals for Programming: Youth, Adults & families and outside groups:   Increase participation and quality

Management and Operations:   Improve

Facilities:  Maintain and improve

Members:  Increase participation and involvement

Approval of 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes (Cathlean Utzig, Corporate Secretary)

Asked for a motion to approve minutes without reading them aloud.  Moved, seconded–no corrections noted.  Approved unanimously.

2017 Trustee Election Results (Cathlean Utzig)

10 people ran for 7 positions

147 ballots cast (more than 2x last year); about 60% electronically

Elected:  5 incumbents elected for 2nd 3-year term

Kathleen Anderson, Kit Hamblen, Dave Hudson, Kerry Keys, Rob Marcy

2 new:   KC Boyce, DeAnn Peterson

Financial Advisor Report (Cathlean Utzig standing in for Rob Marcy, Financial Advisor)

Retreats and programs largest source of income (68% of revenue)

Second is member contributions (29%)

Other income (2-3%)

Healthy level of revenue from donors is ~25%

Doing very well compared to a few years ago

Program revenue down about $60,000 from budget due to low attendance or cancellation of programs due to low registrations

Still doing good work on bare-bones budget, but hopes that will improve

Received a bequest of ~$140,000 at the end of last year

Nearly debt-free still; only about $92,000 owed (~half in annuities and the rest due to how budgeting works—that will also be)

Net assets higher again (have increased every year since 2010)

Thanked everyone for making the success happen

Report of Executive Director Update (Ted Wisniewski)

Staff multi-talented; asked to do things outside their actual jobs

Introduced staff:

Alyssa Fuller, Development Assistant

Joey Kyle & Ben Galindo, Farm Manager

Julia Jamieson, Guests Services

Kerry Kennedy, Maintenance

Laurel Amabile, Development Director

Mark Gramlich, Information & Technology

Matt Wright, Kitchen Manager

Mary Beth Buck, Housekeeping

Megan Quattlebaum, Programs Director

Miriam Witzl, HR & Accounting Director

Nancy Plate, Retreat Center Bookings

Rachel Kinback, Guest Services

Russell Hunnewell, Facilities Director


Talked about how Mountain staff is family

Lit candle in honor of Peter Raoul and other former mountain staff

Progress towards Goals this year:

Raised money for Lodge to repair/renovate leaky windows and Sally’s deck; projects nearly done

Build up reserve account: up from last year

Worked on staff stability: small improvement, as evidenced by less furlough time for staff this spring

Improve guest experience: improved cleanliness of housing and meeting spaces, better food choices for vegetarians, guest services (responsiveness, friendliness, accessibility)

Still need help from “family”:  Need work on dam, facilities and programs

Expressed gratefulness for being here and for those who have made The Mountain possible, kept it going and keep it going now (using metaphor of family members)

Development Report (Laurel Amabile, Development Director)

She was brought in with goal to raise $240,000; was a little panicked until she reconnected with members; goal was exceeded by $40,000 not counting $140,000 bequest.

Learned that people love this place and want MountainCamp to keep going even for people they don’t know; members want to give back and often memorialize people they love

See 2016 Annual report; there are recommendations concerning membership; want to have future conversations with members about what membership means and hear responses to recommendations

$10,000 Campership matching challenge; over half way to goal now, and hopes we will contribute to make goal

See “Wake Now Our Vision Legacy Challenge” form; can make new pledge or change allocation of donation in Will to The Mountain or The Mountain Endowment and 10% will be matched up to $10,000.  TM will get $1000 for gifts of unknown value.  Initial matching will be given in 2020 (don’t have to wait until bequest).  Contact Laurel for more info or to make bequest

Mountain Programs Update (Megan Quattlebaum, Program Director)

Gets to see stories behind new programs

Last year, 5% growth in programs

This year record 256 campers registered for summer camp; part of growth intentional about offerings

Safety policy now aligns with UUA guidelines; trainers from UUA coming to do some Youth protections training for this summer

Expanded Campership program; now 31 kids receiving some assistance, including 8 kids from local community

Expanded leadership opportunities: some programs run by youth; over 40 kids involved so far.

Growth in adult programs; help with build connections with larger community and other congregations

Thanked everyone for support and with help bringing people to The Mountain

Recognition of Departing Trustees (Peter Kandis, Trustee)

Did a reading from Bless the Imperfect  and recognized three outgoing Trustees:  Jay Kiskel, Erin Thompson, and Cathlean Utzig

Combined 15 years of service to The Mountain; will be missed.

Gave “small token of appreciation”: Mountain T-shirts and plaque from Ted and the staff made of piece of oak from The Mountain

Endowment Fund Report (Beverly Cree, Chair of Mountain Endowment Fund)

Now ~$109,000 in endowment fund;  much of that due to two members who have recently passed: June Cravens Sholin and Sybil Ackerman, who was preceded by her husband Tom

Recognized other members of endowment program

Distributing $2777 for renewable energy project: working with Russell Hunnewell on exactly what will be done

Recognized Jay Kiskel as outgoing liaison to The Mountain Board; thanked him for his contributions including website skills and ability to ask questions

Introduced other Endowment Fund Directors

Dick Fencl, Vice President

Nancy DeLux, Secretary

Robert E. Smith, Treasurer

Penny Raney, Steve Hollingsworth, Wayne Morris, Margi Milburn, Kit Hamblen will be new Mtn Board liaison

Please consider including The Mountain and/or The Mountain Endowment Fund in your planned giving arrangements

Closing & Chalice Extinguishing (Nathlie Bigord, Trustee)

Reading “Blessed is the Path”

Adjourned (by Linda Sterner at 5:26 pm)