Nominating Committee Calendar

Nominating Committee (NoCo) of The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center

Target Date Calendar for 2018-2019

  • 7/11      Tandy      Call to all for conf call meeting in August 19-24 time frame


  • 7/9-8/15      Co-Chairs      Gather, Organize, and Circulate key information, including Contact List of Current Board Members and names rolling off in 2019, creating Contact List of NoCo members, Board Committee Contact List with roles, goals, etc., Xcel List of prospective candidates  


  • 8/14      Co-Chairs      Meet to discuss best next steps including dispersal of information


  • 8/15      Co-Chairs      Update to Board of NoCo Progress, Plans, and Needs


  • 8/19      All      Send suggested changes to 7/22 draft of calendar to Tandy


  • 8/20      Co-Chairs      Distribute key information and agenda to NoCo members


  • 8/22, 10 AM E     ALL      Meeting #1: Intros, Goals, Organization, Updated Info, Next Steps


  • 8/28      Co-Chairs      Update sent to NoCo by Board after August Board Meeting


  • 8/31      Co-Chairs      Update MRLC website on NoCo Process and Deadlines


  • 9/1      Co-Chairs      Call for Self-Nominations for Board and NoCo openings


  • 9/20      Co-Chairs      Deadline for Self-Nominations for Board.


  • 9/20      Co-Chairs      Deadline for Self-Nominations for NoCo extended to 12/1


  • 9/15-30      Co-Chairs      Get names of Board Members willing to run for 2nd term


  • 9/24, Noon E      ALL       Meeting #2: Discuss pool and vetting process for all openings


  • 10/1-12      As Assigned      Vet specific candidate names


  • 10/12-19      As Assigned      Share findings of vetting via email with rest of NoCo


  • 11/3, 2 PM E       ALL       Meeting #3: Discuss findings, rank order, next steps for candidates


  • 11/5-11/17      As assigned      Confer w/top choices for NoCo, vet, get form completed/returned by 11/17


  • 11/5-12/1      As assigned      Confer w/top choices for Board, vet, get form completed/returned by 12/1


  • 11/7      Co-Chairs      Update to Board of NoCo Progress, Plans, and Needs


  • 11/16-18      Board      MRLC Board Meeting


  • 11/23      Board      Update sent to NoCo by Board after November Board Meeting


  • 12/1      As Assigned      Vetting Details on both slates emailed to all of NoCo by assigned member


  • 12/2-8      Chair(s)       Draft of Bios, Photos, Forms, etc. as PR release package from info supplied by Board and NoCo candidates


  • 12/8 2 p E      ALL      Meeting #4: Decide both slates of Selected Board &d NoCo Candidates + process/timing


  • 12/12      ALL      Advise each candidate of Yes/No Decision for Board and NoCo slates


  • 12/28       Co-Chairs      Finalize PR release listing both slates and next steps w/timing, then distribute to all NoCo members by email.




  • 1/10      ALL      Provide edits to Chairs


  • 1/20      Chair(s)      Finalized via email interchanges all PR releases w/ photos, voting form, timing, and collaborators ready for submittal to Mountain Matters, etc.


  • 2/1 2 p E      ALL      Meeting #5:  Double-check to be sure all elections proceed equitably and prepare Board update.  Agenda items:  PR releases, timing for submittal, assignments, etc.


  • 2/4      Co-chairs      Report update to Board


  • 3/20      Co-Chairs/et al      Assure Ballots are out via email and mail


  • 5/25      Board       Corporate Secretary of Board counts and reports all votes for both slates at Annual Meeting (Memorial Weekend)


  • 6/1 2 p E       ALL      Transition Meeting of NoCo on past and new year’s committee to cover: selection of leadership, assignments to contact unelected candidates with care and encouraging their active help, contact information updated and sent to new NoCo, training with timeline for all NoCo members, and setting of goals, procedures, proposed changes and updated calendar.

11/10/18 Revision 2018