Welcome Teresa Falzone

Teresa Falzone is a returning member of our Mountain Staff, have lived and worked at The Mountain in 2009 and 2010 while she served as Operations Director. During this period of significant change for The Mountain, Teresa found her experience to be an opportunity to be part of a transformative organization that promotes peace, justice, environmental awareness, and equality for all. Since then, I have been engaged as a volunteer and advocate for all that The Mountain has to offer.

Teresa grew up in North Easton, Massachusetts, and fell in love with nonprofits as a teenager when I volunteered with Project Head Start. In her adult life Teresa raised a wonderful son who unfortunately died in a car accident in 2009. She has a wonderful family of friends who mean the world to her, and two very sweet dogs, Charlotte and Greta. Her three siblings all live in New England and visit often.
Teresa comes to us once again as an accomplished nonprofit financial professional with experience in nonprofits in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Her job responsibilities included financial management and reporting, budgeting, grant management, strategic planning, human resources, and facilities management.
In her new role, Teresa sees herself engaging with Mountain members, motivating and encouraging donors to make a lasting gift that will sustain the future of The Mountain. She looks forward to building relationships, engaging with members of The Mountain community, and staying in touch with personal stories about how giving to The Mountain and Mountain Endowment Fund contributes to the common good of the Mountain community.
On a personal level, Teresa describes what matters most to her in this way:
“My life has been defined by my compassion and empathy for others. I think kindness is one of the most powerful forces in the world. I have a quote on my refrigerator: “Remember you are all people and all people are you.’ We are all part of this beautiful world, and our personal interactions have a ripple effect and impact others long after the moment has passed.
Welcome back to The Mountain Staff, Teresa!