2018 Youth CONferences & MountainCamp Updates

Spring Youth CONferences Wrap Up

Our 2018 Spring Youth CONference season is coming to an end, with the Senior High CON happening this weekend. We’ve had a great Spring YouthCON season, with 281 people attending as youth participants, advisors and peer advocate leaders (PALs) over these past three weekends. We have seen healthy growth in our CON attendance and are welcoming new congregation participants with each season.

 This is very exciting for us because it helps us successfully achieve our mission: The Mountain enriches lives, fosters an appreciation of the natural world, honors the interconnectedness of all things, and inspires people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives.

We want our CONs to enrich and supplement Religious Education programs in participating congregations, as well as to build fellowship among young UUs around the Southeast.

A big THANK YOU to all the YouthCON advisors and PALs who participated this CON season. Without you and your involvement, we couldn’t make all of this great programming happen!


Registering for MountainCamp Now Really Helps 

It’s still cold outside and, for many people, summer is a distant memory or a far off dream. At The Mountain, we spend all year thinking about summer camp, thinking about how to make our camps more fun and impactful, and how to get more families to learn about our MountainCamps. In our off season we are putting together logistics, hiring staff, writing workshops and evening programs. During MountainCamp, we believe very much in free choice for our campers. But that means everything has to be meticulously planned, enabling the structure to work and our campers to feel the freedom.

By registering early, you help us make better plans for how many staff to hire. Knowing who and how many campers will be participating enables us to imagine bigger and better program ideas. And, most of all, it help us sleep at night!

We currently have openings in all of our traditional camp weeks and adventure camps, but some are filling faster than others. Register now with a $200 deposit payment, to avoid being put on the wait list.

For more information about MountainCamps and YouthCONferences, contact Sam Dobmeyer, Associate Camp Director, sam.dobmeyer@themountainrlc.org.