The Mountain’s Wish List

There are some extra things that can be made possible for our Mountain guests to experience with your help. We know you want your gifts to make a difference today and for the future of The Mountain. If there is a particular project featured below that fits with your interests or have an idea for another meaningful way your donation may be used, please contact our Development Director.

Mountain Facility Improvement Projects

What follows are visual examples of what could be possible with your contributions of money and time:

Golf cart

Two Golf Carts are needed to enable our housekeeping staff to efficiently move themselves and equipment around the campus. In addition, the carts will enable us to provide logistical assistance to our guests with mobility challenges.   Estimated cost:  $3,000 each


Bunk House and Cabin enhancements, including new floors, moisture barriers, mattresses, dehumidifiers, and other updates Estimated cost per unit: $500 – $1,000 

IMG_8236 Cabin 4 Twin Beds-min

Resurfacing the “Ring Road” will be necessary to improve access to cabins by car and by foot.  Estimated Cost: $10,000


Lake Dam Repair–the earthen dam that forms the lake at the base will need to be repaired in the near future. This is an essential resource for our MountainCamp and other programs, and is a part of the beauty of The Mountain. Estimated Cost: $100,000



Mountain Camperships

Every year we make a financial commitment to our children through campership support which enables them to experience summer camp at The Mountain.  In 2016, over $13,000 was raised for camperships which made MountainCamp participation possible for 32 children and youth who may not otherwise have that opportunity without financial support.

IMG_4824 Boy Pouring Water Over his Head

Camperships Make For Happy Kids!


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