Mountain Membership

The Mountain’s Spirit and natural beauty supports personal and spiritual growth for people of all ages. Come join our inclusive, caring community. Your financial support ensures the vision of the original 1979 founders will remain available for generations to come. It is The Mountain’s active members who have the right and power to elect our Board of Trustees, vote on the annual budget, and other matters of business.

Annual tax-deductible memberships are $50.00 per adult (25+); $35.00 (under 25 years).

How do I become a Mountain Member?

Membership is for one-year with annual renewal in the spring, prior to The Mountain’s Annual Business Meeting at the end of May. Click on the yellow Donate Button above to become a Mountain Member!

Become a Sustaining Mountain Member – arrange monthly or quarterly debits from your bank account or your VISA or MasterCard.

Our gratitude to The Mountain’s members is boundless!