Our Faithify Food Forest project campaign was a great success–Thank You!

Food Forest logo

We have a vision for transforming The Mountain’s black locust grove into a 
multilayered forest of fruit and nut trees, shrubs, perennial vegetables, 
and mushroom beds. 
What’s a Food Forest? 
Food forests are intentionally managed agricultural sites that contain a variety of perennial crops organized by guilds or groupings that produce food, fiber, fuel, and medicine. Food forests are designed to be productive for several decades, providing bountiful harvests and natural habitat to benefit people and wildlife.
The Food Forest we envision is beneficial for The Mountain now and reflects our commitment to environmental justice, sustainability, and to The Mountain’s future. Your generosity and support will make this innovative project a reality–Thank you!

Mountain Campership Matching Challenge

$12,000 in Camperships

We are deeply grateful to our generous supporters who provided matching funds to enable us to raise over $19,000 for the Mountain Campership Fund in 2017. Our camperships made it possible for 45 kids to experience the wonders of MountainCamp this summer who may not have been able to without this support.

Thank you to Mountain Findings Thrift Store in Highlands for its grant for camperships for local campers to participate.

The need for campership support is increasing for all age groups. Contributions to the Mountain Campership Fund can be made throughout the year. Just specify Mountain Campership Fund when you make a gift online or by check. Thank you!

Make your tax-deductible gift today online at:

Or make a donation by mail to:  The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, P.O. Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741



181Make Your Gift to The Mountain’s Annual Fund Today!

We have SO many dreams and plans to enhance the guest experience in 2017. Your donations to The Mountain’s Annual Fund provide for approximately 25% of our annual operating budget. This year, your contributions to the Annual Fund will enable us to refurbish cabins and bunkhouses, replace Tree House and Dining Hall windows, Library and Rec Hall flooring, and resurface Ring Road. Your support–as donor, program participant, or volunteer–is essential to making these improvements possible for all of our guests and campers to experience throughout the year.

Thank you for your generosity and support of this special place we call The Mountain.

Make your tax-deductible gift today online at:

Or by mail to:  The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, P.O. Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741

Enriching lives. Creating Community. Celebrating nature.

This is the magic that occurs when people come together at The Mountain. This is a special place where children, youth, and adults experience the joys of connecting with one another and the natural world. There are summer camps, leadership retreats, environmental programs, and outdoor activities galore to engage and inspire people of all ages.

It’s all made possible through the active participation of our guests and the generosity of Mountain supporters!

Here are just a few things that contributions to The Mountain made possible in 2016:

  • Over $14,000 in camperships for 34 children and youth to attend MountainCamp
  • Lighting around the roadways at the top
  • LED replacement bulbs & a full-spectrum lamp for the Great Room
  • New mattresses for Lodge guest rooms
  • Keeping program costs affordable for guests and campers
  • New Corelle dishes and two tables for the Dining Hall
  • Craft Barn supplies for MountainCamp

While The Mountain has turned the corner financially over the past few years, the challenge of sustainability continues. We are no longer in survival mode. We see the challenge to broaden and deepen the financial support of our members and supporters of The Mountain as a priority.

There is much more we want to do to enhance the guest and camper experience, which will be possible by receiving a greater number of tax-deductible gifts from our Mountain members and annual contributors. Nearly one-quarter of our operating budget funded is funded by annual contributions, which helps keep our program and retreat costs reasonable for all guests.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors this year that will be done in 2017:

  • Replace windows in the Lodge Great Room
  • Repair Library ceiling and lighting, and replace the flooring
  • Rebuilding of Sally’s Deck on the Lodge
  • New chairs for the Dining Hall
  • Floors refinished in the Dining Hall, The Commons, Tree House and Rec Hall

With your gifts in the months to come, here are some things we hope to accomplish in 2017-2018:

  • Enhance the guest experience in the cabins and bunk houses–floors, moisture seals, mattresses
  • Restore the condition of the lake by repairing the dam
  • Renovations to the Tree House
  • Cabin upgrades–flooring, vapor barriers and dehumidifiers
  • Repair of Ring Road

 Make your tax-deductible gift today online at:

Or by mail to:  The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, P.O. Box 1299, Highlands, NC 28741


Appreciation of Our Supporting Organizations

We are grateful for the generous support and funding provided by these organizations:

Rotary Club of Highlands

The Rotary Club of Highlands

For a 2017 grant awarded for our Many Hands Peace Farm mushroom cultivation and education project.