Donor Appreciation

Annual Report and Donor Recognition 

Mountain Annual Report Cover 2016

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We are always happy to recognize the many generous and dedicated people who contribute their time, talent and treasury to The Mountain.  As a nonprofit, The Mountain relies on the generosity of our supporters to further our Mission.

Contributions represent nearly 22% of The Mountain’s total annual funding and are vital to our programming and operations.

Our Mission

The Mountain enriches lives,
fosters an appreciation of the natural world,
honors the interconnectedness of all things, and
inspires people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives.



Contributing Organizations  

Endowment Fund Supports Mountain Projects

Fulfilling the Mountain Endowment Fund purpose of supporting Mountain projects, a distribution in 2015 was made to the purchase chairs for the Tree House and Commons.  In 2016, after reviewing projects identified by Mountain staff, the Endowment Board made a donation of $1,560 to The Mountain toward the purchases of new Corelle dishes for the dining hall and mattresses for the lodge.

Thank you to the following community and corporate organizations for their funding support and matching contributions:

Contributing Congregations

In addition to volunteer service, a number of Unitarian Universalist congregations make contributions to The Mountain through their shared offering programs, special collections, and annual budgets.

We are proud to count you as one of our donors! We publish our donor recognition lists on the website and in various publications during the year unless we hear otherwise. Please contact our Development office if you would prefer that your donation NOT be publicly recognized.

The Mountain’s Development staff strives to uphold the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights.