Clarifying Mountain Membership

This is a summary of the Ad Hoc Mountain Membership Committee Proposal distributed during the Annual Meeting of The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, Inc. in May 2017. The work of the Ad Hoc Mountain Membership Committee is still in progress, with final recommendations to be presented to the Mountain Board in August 2017.

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center is a membership organization; its bylaws grant to members the right and responsibility of ensuring the ongoing welfare of The Mountain, through its staff and trustees, by approving those trustees and any changes or amendments to the bylaws of the Corporation.

In November 2016, The Mountain Board established an Ad Hoc Team to study The Mountain’s membership program and make recommendations. Members of the team include: Nathalie Bigord – convener, Erin Thompson, Dave Hudson, and Laurel Amabile, ex officio.

The process of becoming a member be a clear and intentional one for the prospective member; our members should know their status and how they become/became members. In the future, we propose a membership appeal/drive/renewal period, distinct from the annual fund campaign, be conducted annual before  April 15th.

The proposed annual membership contributions are by category:

  • Membership fees: $50 for individuals; $35 for those under 25
  • Establish Family (household) Membership:  $150
  • Institutional Membership (congregation or other group), as provided for in the by-laws: $250

Life Membership

  • New Life Memberships are not currently being issued, but all established Life Members maintain the right to vote in annual meetings and matters of business.
  • The list of Life Members will be reviewed annually and updated for the purposes of annual voting and terms of Life Memberships when issued.
  • Life Members would be exempt from the annual membership renewal fee, but will be encouraged to donate to the Annual Fund, special funding campaigns and Mountain Endownent.
  • Those who have intentionally joined/renewed their membership since the previous annual meeting have the privilege of voting in the annual meeting in any given year, other meetings of the membership, or in any forum other than physical meeting, as called by the Trustees.

Rights of membership include:

  •  Voting privileges – one vote per individual member, one vote per institution (or qualifying group)
    • The right to participate on teams and committees, thus advancing the work and communication of The Mountain.
    • An invitation to attend an annual Members Weekend (that may or may not be identical to the current Homecoming Weekend.