Annual Meeting May 2016 – Meeting Minutes

                                         May 28, 2016, 4 pm

Call to Order (Linda Sterner, Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

Chalice Lighting (Julia Jamieson)    Reading “Two Bears”

Welcome & Opening Words (Loren Isaac Teachey, former camper, counselor & camp coordinator)

Reflections of the Board Chairman (Linda Sterner)

Expressed gratitude, especially for: Bruce Kirkman, Trudy Deyle, Larry Wheeler, Lee Reading, Beverly Cree, Marty Beech, Phil Sterner, Ted Wisniewski, his staffand the other Trustees

Introduction of Trustees

Lem Arnold, Cathlean Utzig, Rob Marcy, Sherman Logan, Kathleen Anderson, Erin Thompson, Kit Hamblen, Chris Breivogel, Eunice Benton, Peter Kandis, Dave Hudson, Mani Subramanian, Jay Kiskel

Approval of 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes (Lem Arnold, Corporate Secretary)

Asked for a motion to approve minutes without reading them aloud.  Moved, seconded–One correction (p. 4, “principal” should be “principle”).  Approved unanimously.

2016 Trustee Election Results (Lem Arnold)

Total 75 ballots cast; all 3 elected unanimously (75 votes for 1st; 73 for other two, since two people voted for only one trustee; no votes against; one abstention)

Introduction of New Trustees (Eunice Benton)

Rev Julie Kain, Natalie Bigord, Gail Sphar

Recognition of Departing Trustees (Linda Sterner)

Read message from Colin Kirkman.  Four departing trustees recognized and given gifts (framed photo by Lem Arnold for first three, and The Moutain polar tech for Lem).

Trustees leaving the board due to term limits:  Eunice Benton, Mani Subramanian, Jim Becker, Lem Arnold.

Financial Advisor Report (Rob Marcy)

Income over $1M, improvement over previous years.  Programming income over 76% of total income. Contributions goals $240K, received over $255K.  Expenses down over $1M from 2007.  Now debt-free; $55K in charitable annuities.  Net assets over $1M, increased by over $1M over last 5 years.

Executive Director Update (Ted Wisniewski)

Ted felt great support last year when his mother passed away on the Thursday before the 2015 annual meeting.  Others that spoke before him today said most of what he wanted to say.  Ted read statement of thanks and inspiration.

Made budget for 2014 and 2015; have made infrastructure improvements; increased business in winter.  Staff have done good job making guests welcome and “feel like family”. Over 3000 volunteer hours in 2015.  Megan has been bridging gap between MountainCamp and mountain Retreat business.  In 2016 we have to fix Sally’s deck and lodge windows (been leaking into library), continue to build bank balance that would cover 3 months of expenses.  Need more consistent service/experience for guests.  “The Mountain provides guidance.”

Introduction of New Staff Members (Ted Wisniewski)

Matt Wright is new kitchen manager (replaced John Paul), Russell Hunnewell is new facilities manager (replaced Matt Velker) and Laurel Amabile is new Development Director (replaced Hulda Warren).

Development Report (Laurel Amabile)

Happy to be back in NC and at TM after 10 years away (was on staff before).  Members have received letters that they will be contacted by new Mountain Stewards.  Faithify campaign for MountainCamp scholarships has been launched–needs more $.  Pointed out boards in the hall with wish lists that people can donate to.  Will be working through Mountain Movers, etc. to maintain and build relationships.

Mountain Programs Update (Megan Quattlebaum)

Gets to work with children and people who started TM and try to put them all together.  Need to involve and invite people that know TM and also those that don’t.  No growth for 2011-2013, but in 2015, 8% growth, and another 8% growth already in 2016 and people are still registering.  Began in 2015 to make sure that programs come from UU values and are faith-building.  Group of teen PALs (Peer Advocate Leaders) had session in winter to plan and lead spring CONs.  Also seeing growth and more diverse programming at Homecoming, Family Camp, Thanksgiving and plan to offer more Mountain programs with diverse programming for all ages.

Endowment Board Report (Beverly Cree)

Recognition of departing directors: Guerry McConnell, Larry Wheeler, and Mary Teslow.

Introduction of current board members: Robert Smith, Steve Hollingsworth, Penny Raney, Wayne Morris and Jay Kiskel

Invitation to make donations in honor or memory of someone to endowment, operating budget.

Gift from Endowment Fund: new, more comfortable chairs in Tree House made locally with environmentally-sustainable practices.

Special Recognition (Beverly Cree)

Named endowment fund members and asked them to stand and be recognized.

Invited everyone to endowment fund-sponsored reception following the Annual Meeting (paid for by generous donor, not endowment fund)

Final announcement (Linda Sterner)

In addition to gifts given to departing Trustees, current Board members donated money to the operating fund in honor of departing Board members.

Closing & Chalice Extinguishing (Julia Jamieson)

Reflected on people who died so we could worship here the way we do.  Reading “The Soul Print”

Adjourned (at 5:26 pm)